Zenzele Training has grown out of the contributions of professionals who have worked with different aspects of territorial tourism for years. It is directed by Mariangela Tomasi, with her strong "theoretical" background as a professor at the UniversitÓ degli Studi di Torino coupled with over twenty-years of "practical" experience in the territory.
The extensive training activities and continuous refresher courses united with decades of business experience, in-depth knowledge of the issues critical to inbound services in particular provide an essential foundation for promo-commercialization of the territory and its attractions and resources together with the commercial proposals of the operators. 
The goal is to identify, promote and sell what the tourists/customers want and are looking for, i.e., what can be reserved or purchased.
The businesses and small- and medium-sized tourist communities face the imperative to adapt to and connect with new forms of tourism that entail uniqueness, competitiveness, and the need to learn the language of reception, favoring and implementing Zenzele's training sector
Tourism, territorial promotion, optimization of specialties - in sum, the culture of reception, professionalism and the synergy and gathering of these experiences in the territory has resulted in a team that can follow the customer's every need, becoming a partner that shares their objectives, identifies their needs and implements "ad personam" solutions
Who we target :
Public and territorial entities
Public and private tourist consortiums
Local governments
Reception facilities
Private operators in the tourist field and anyone who wishes to promote and commercialize their products
through effective and up-to-date training of their workers.