ZENZELE - Eventi, Promozione & Turismo
Corso Umbria, 17 - 10144 Torino  Tel. +39 011 4310969
Fax +39 011 2070887  e-mail: info@zenzele.it

Professionalism, competency and familiarity with the territory are the defining characteristics of Zenzele, which was founded in 1996 with a staff seasoned by previous activities in the world of tourism. They set out with success to unite their ripened experiences in the form of a new operational project that focuses on the increasingly specific needs of a clientele interested in the rediscovery and optimization of a territory and its own peculiarities, which range from wine and food to art to culture, traditions and history.
Specializing in inbound services for Piedmont and Italy, they have also accumulated multiple years of success in events organization as well as professional training and refresher courses for tourism operators, including both public and private entities. 
Zenzele's clientele ranges from travel agencies to preformed groups to the world of joint tourism projects and individual tourists, all with the same objective: to rediscover and revive tourism in a new form, seeking out and finding Zenzele to be a competent, motivated and reliable team.